Hunting Info

Majestic Trophy Outfitters

Services provided

We provided a range of full or semi-guided hunts on Private Land, or our National Forest Permit for Elk, Deer, Bear, Pronghorn or in Unit’s 3, 301 or 12, 13, 23, 24

Dates of services

Aug. 15th – Nov. 30th (Elk, Deer, Antelope)

You will be ask arrive one day prior, and depart one day following your contracted hunting dates. Your specific hunt dates will be included in your contract if you should choose to book with us.

Majestic Trophy Outfitters


Your transportation to and from the ranch is up to you unless otherwise agreed upon in your contract. ATV’s are recommended but the use of your ATV will only be where instructed. Any damages to land by misuse of your ATV will be an additional cost to you.

Client – Guide Ratio

Depending upon the number in your hunting party, there will be (3) guides serving you. We average a 1-to-4 hunter to guide ratio. We do not guarantee any game harvest, but we have averaged an 85%  opportunity rate over the last 15 yrs.

Majestic Trophy Outfitters

Food and Housing

(Additional Lodging 18 miles away from Ranch with Elk Runn Inn can be  secured at a discounted rate)

If you secure a cabin at the Ranch it has, shower, toilet, beds, refrigerator, stove and all cooking / eating utensils. However you need to bring your own sleeping bag. Remember your accommodations will be basic, therefore do not expect to stay at the Hilton! We are full of history and down home pleasures if interested in the cabin please ask for availability.

Game Care

As your service providers we will field dress, skin and transport game from the field to the main camp. We can also provide transportation to and from the processing plant at additional cost. AGP game processing and Mountain Man Taxidermy. Do to the growing concern of CWD you may have your game tested upon your request. If you wish to donate your meat and only take your horns, you may do so; but will still be asked to pay for the processing. The average processing fees: $300 Elk $175 Deer.

Deposit of hunt

All hunts require a 50% deposit by February 28th, after this time we operate on a first come first serve basis. This is non-refundable deposit and the remainder of balance is due upon arrival, by money order, cash or cashiers check!

Supplies and Clothing

It is your responsibility for clothing and hunting supplies such as gun, ammo, weather protection, binoculars, etc. Please keep in mind weather may vary from one extreme to another, so please pack according.


All cancellations are to be made 90 days before your expected arrival. Deposits are non-refundable. Transfer fee to retain hunt for the following year is an additional cost of % 20 of the original contract. In these circumstances we would make a final decision and there are no guarantees that your deposit will be returned. You will be applying for private only tags; therefore your success rate for drawing is 70%.

Hunting Parties

Please remember that we welcome all kinds of hunters from many different places. Therefore you may not be the only hunting group staying with us, so please be patient and respectful of others.

Thank you for your time and consideration in helping us to provide a quality service for you and your friends or family!

Seasons 2020-2023 Days Cost Per Hunter
Archery Antelope Aug.15th – Sept. 20th 5 days $2000.00
PL Archery Elk or Deer Sept. 2-30th

(* NF hunt prices differ from PL)

5 days $3500.00 Buck

$3750.00 Bull

B=Buck BL=BULL C=Cow on all hunts Combined $4850.00 B/C

$5000.00 B/BL

Muzzle loader Elk or Deer Sept. 12-20th 4-5 Days $3500.00 Buck

$4000.00 Bull

Combined $4850.00 B/C

$5000.00 B/BL

1st Elk only Rifle October 10-14th 5 days $1500.00 Cow

$4000.00 Bull

2nd Combined Deer & Elk Oct. 24 – Nov. 1 4 days $3500.00 Buck
$4000.00 Bull

$4850.00 B/C

$5000.00 B/BL

3rd Combined Rifle Nov. 5th – 11th Combined $3500.00 Buck
$4000.00 Bull

$4850.00 B/C

$5000.00 B/BL

4th Elk only Rifle Nov. 16th – 20th 5 days $1500.00 Cow
$4000.00 Bull

$4850.00 BL/C

Cow Elk hunts Oct. 1st – Nov. 30th 4 days $1500.00
Bear can be added to most hunts $950.00
 NF=National Forest Hunts Units 23/24 $3000.00-


* Prices do not include gratuity which is 10% of hunt minimum, lodging, or meals.* PL Cabin is fully equipped with bath, cooking and heat.*NF cabins are booked through BUFORD LODGE as see on their site.* Season dates and rates may change from year to year